Information On Tapes Over 80 minutes

CD's have a time limit of 80 minutes. If your tape's total recording time is over 80 minutes, it will require an additional CD to complete the transfer. It will also require more work time, as well as an additional case and label. The cost for this is $3 to help cover our additional cost of materials and work.

Most cassettes are labeled with the possible recording length on the cassette. A C-30 is 30 minutes a side for a total of 60 minutes. A C-45 is 45 minutes a side for a total possible recording time of 90 minutes.

If you have a 90 minute tape and it is full, then the additional $3 charge would apply. So the cost to transfer that tape would be 15.95 + 3.00. However, if that same tape actually only had 60 minutes of recording time on it, then the cost for the transfer will still be 15.95.


If the total recorded time on the cassette is over 80 minutes, just add $3 to the price quoted on the main page. If you don't know the actual recorded time, that's OK, we will know here when we make the transfer and will only bill you for the actual time.

If you have any additional questions on this, please contact us.

Thank you

Many cassttes will have the length printed on the shell in the form of a " C" number.

C-30 = 15  minutes per side for a total of 30 minutes
C-60 = 30  minutes per side for a total of 60 minutes
C-90 = 45  minutes per side for a total of 90 minutes
C-120 = 60  minutes per side for a total of 120 minutes