Cassette and Video Tape Repair

If your tape needs splicing, re-attaching the leader tape to the spindle or replacing the shell, LP to CD can make the repair for you at a reasonable price.

Common Cassette Problems

We can repair most cassette problems. The most common repairs are tapes that have broken and tapes that get stuck and stop while playing back. We recommend transferring the repaired cassette to CD as the tape will most likely break again.

We were able to repair all the examples below

  Broken tape 

Melted on a car dashboard

  The dog ate my tape!

Burned in a house fire

  Run over by a car

You tried to repair it yourself !!!!

Common Video Tape Problems

  Tape just came out

You tried to fix it yourself

  Melted in a fire

Your machine ate the tape

  Broken in half

Tape got smashed

Flood - Water damaged Tapesmmon Video Tape Problems

It's not the water itself that causes problems, but chemicals and contaminants that are left behind when the water dries; the good news is that very often only a small portion of tape is directly exposed to a chemical reaction, leaving the majority of the tape and footage recoverable.

We use a variety of tools and techniques when working on flood damaged tapes and can recover footage from cassettes caked in mud to tapes that have been soaked in salt water. The repair and cleaning process depends entirely on the individual tape.

The overall success rate with flood damage recovery is very high, but if it turns out that your tapes cannot be repaired to our standards with the majority of their footage recovered there will not be any charge to you.

All tape repairs are 19.95 for each tape. If you have more than 5 tapes, the price is reduced to 14.95.

To place an order, go to the order form. Fill it our on screen then print it out and include it with your tapes. Our mailing address is on the form.